Welcome to Michigan Quilts!

It’s been years since I’ve written about quilts. Back in the 80’s, I wrote two quilt books and dozens of articles about quilting in various publications including QUILT, Quilt World, and others. I took about a twenty-year break from quilting to finish my teaching degree (and got carried away getting two graduate degrees after that). When I couldn’t take it any longer, I got my machine back out, dusted it off, and visited my stash of fabric. It didn’t take long for the quilting bug to settle in once again.

The quilt above was started in the early 1980’s, but finished in January of 2006 (FINALLY!). Thanks to hubby Dean for clearing out his workshop long enough to take a full-size photo. This quilt is all hand-made: appliqued, embroidered, stitched, and HAND quilted. Here’s a close-up:

Enough about me – if you are a Michigan quilter, member of a quilt guild in Michigan, or a Michigan quilt shop owner (or have visited a great quilt shop in Michigan), please contact me via email and share your information.

A Quilt is Born

Last fall I started hand piecing a bear’s paw quilt. I wanted something that I could work on block-by-block and take with me in a small ziplock bag. I love scrappy quilts, and found some yummy greens and maroons for the borders and inside the blocks. I gathered green fat quarters, mostly from the 2005 FQ Birthday swap I participated in through the Quilting Arts Forum. I took a weekend to cut all the pieces for the quilt, bagged them up into a multitude of “sets,” and began piecing.

My mom was really ill (still is) and I spent quite a bit of time with her in the hospital and at home. It was wonderful having something to work on while she slept or while we talked.

I love hand quilting… I find it very peaceful and relaxing. I used 100% cotton batting in this quilt – it was my first attempt at quilting this kind of batting. I enjoy how it looks, but it is definately harder on the hands when you quilt with it. The binding was put on in late June, and I’m thrilled with the final results!

Close-up of quilting (green sashing strips are 1.5 inches wide)

Cindi Allen of Mattawan, MI 1st Prize Winner

Cindi Allen of Mattawan, MI won 1st Prize for her quilt “In Memory of Dad” in the AQS “Online Quilt Contest.” The contest winners’ quilts, presented by Gammill Quilting Machine Company, are visible online at the AQS website.
Way to go, Cindi!

If you know of any other great (or small) accomplishments by Michigan quilters, please contact me (Caron Mosey).

Quilt Storage

Quilters have stored their treasures in boxes, under beds, draped over couches, hanging on walls, and a whole slew of various storage containers. In the early days of quilting, primitive furniture like this Doughbox were used to hold many different items – even quilts!

This primitive dough-box is ideally sized as a stand alone accent or as a chair-side table to house several quilts, sewing supplies or magazines and newspapers. Available in natural wood tones or stain-painted wash tones, this piece measures 25″L x 12″D x 24″H.

This piece comes from a fantastic woodworker in lower Michigan with a long history of woodworking skills passed down from one generation to another. You can see more of his work at his website, Mosey’s Woodworks. Hmmm. Nice name, that woodworker!

A U.P. Quilter!

I know, you’re wondering what a U.P. Quilter is. U.P. = Upper Peninsula of Michigan (USA). I was surfing around tonight and landed on Toni’s blog at http://upquilter.blogspot.com/ .
Check it out! I’d love to find more Michigan quilters who also have blogs. Please let me know you’re out there!

Beautiful Quilt Patterns

I met a new quilt friend on a real estate blog site that we both use. Her name is Eula Lang, and she designs beautiful quilt patterns in Kansas. Her website there is http://www.ofonemindquilts.com .

Please take a moment to check it out. Here is one of her absolutely stunning quilts. To purchase the copyrighted pattern, please visit her site.

Emily’s Quilt is Finished!

Emily’s Purple Quilt is finished, back from the machine quilter and finally with binding stitched on. Stormie approves! Everytime I put the quilt down to take a picture, she hops on board. She must have been a quilter in another life. Everytime I sit down to quilt with my hoop on my lap, she crawls under the hoop. When I set the hoop down with a quilt inside, she hops on it like it’s her own personal bed. Guess I need to make one for her for Christmas!

My machine quilter Kari does beautiful work. Look at the pretty hearts she put in each purple square!

I can’t wait to see the expression on Emily’s face when she opens her present. Stay tuned – I’ll post it online!


I have made a challenge for myself: to complete all the UFO’s in my cabinet downstairs. Some are single blocks, some partially completed quilt tops; a whole mixture of things I started in another life and want to complete.

At some point in time in the 1980’s, I became obsessed with circular quilt blocks. These two blocks were two that I drafted myself and stitched. Now I’m intent on including them in a larger quilt as a focal point, but not sure just how I want to do it. I’m thinking of making them part of a medallion in the center with a variation of a Mariner’s Compass to hold them together. These blocks were made during my “blue phase” – blue as in the color, not as in being depressed! 🙂

I have very little in my house that is blue now, leaning more toward greens and beiges. So, finding the colors I want for the quilt has been something of a dilemma. I think I finally have found my palette in the photo below. Notice the absence of green! Not only have I made a goal to complete these two UFO blocks, but to stray away from green in a quilt (which will please my daughter-in-law Kim, who I am sure is tired of seeing green everywhere in my house!) I noticed when I selected the fabrics that there is a paisley theme in several of them. Hmmm. Wonder if I could run with that…

Time to get out the pencil and paper and sketch this thing out. I know something exciting is bouncing around in my brain, just not sure what!