Dear Jane Quilt background – decided!

I will be starting my Dear Jane quilt after the Christmas holiday…

Today, I decided on the background and placed my order on . It’s easier for me to order online from equilter… it takes me awhile to decide what I want to commit to, so I can use their Wish List feature and keep coming back to it. I can’t do that with my favorite quilt shop in East Lansing, Michigan. It’s an hour’s drive away!

So this is what I have selected and the mailman will be bringing soon:

I wanted something that read a honey-mustard, soft yet deep golden tone. I think this gives it to me! The quilt will be scrappy in nature… lots of different colors to blend nicely with this (I hope).

So, what do you think???

Let me know by posting your comments here.

5 thoughts on “Dear Jane Quilt background – decided!

  1. Greetings from the snowy U.P.! I think you chose well, Caron. I always liked a different backround color than the “white on white”. I can’t wait to see your progress with this! Thanks for sharing. PS Whats the name of the store in East Lansing?


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