Bluebirds for Thanksgiving

No, silly, not to eat!
These bluebirds live in our backyard and showed up yesterday and today to our side window. I thought they went to warmer climates for the winter! Their schedules must be off! According to the Michigan DNR website, most Michigan bluebirds migrate south in winter, but a few southern Michigan residents stay here during mild winters. Maybe they are talking about OUR bluebirds?!!?

1, 2, 3 bluebirds sitting on a fence… sounds like a preschool song, doesn’t it?

2 thoughts on “Bluebirds for Thanksgiving

  1. These little guys rule the roost on one magnolia tree lined block in my small neighborhood. It’s a steep windy road and they flit around in the trees like they are annoyed you are driving by. There’s a sign in the yard at the top of the hill “SLOW DOWN AND SEE THE BLUEBIRDS”.


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