1956 was a GREAT year!

Two amazing things happened in our family in 1956. They happened on the same day! I was adopted, and my parents signed the papers on their home and new business. This photo was included in a big bag of goodies my father gave me in early summer, shortly after my mom passed away. The photo is of their business/home. Dad had worked for a few local florists, but wanted his own place and to be his own boss. This is the Caron Lee Flower Shop. My name is Caron Lee.
As they were preparing to leave their house to go sign the papers on the building, they got a call telling them that a baby was available for adoption, and to come now. So they did, and here I am. It seemed only fitting that the store and baby get the same name!

Over the years, we both changed. I grew. The store changed in appearance and focus. Even the road changed! Here is the dirt road I remember. After Dad retired, the store changed hands several times. It is no longer a flower shop. This is what the building looks like now, no longer owned by our family.

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