Year of the Tote, Part 2

So, what do you do if you have TWO people who are hard to buy for? You make two totes!


Year of the Tote

What do you get someone who doesn’t need anything? And is difficult to buy for?

Solution for ’07: you make them a tote bag. And, if you have the fabrics in your stash, it doesn’t cost you one darn cent.
My Mother-in-Law is an avid reader, but she doesn’t like to buy books anymore since she reads one or two per day. She visits the library every few days, so here is a tote bag for her to carry her stash in! It should go with her off-white coat, don’t you think? The big pocket on the front will hold her library card, kleenex, keys, etc.
Enough blogging… I think I need to go make one for myself!