Playing Catch-up Today

This time last year, I signed up to participate in a “Block of the Month” challenge on the Quilting Arts Forum. Each month, QAF features a new block, and if you participate in it all year, you have 12 blocks completed in matching colors. Well, sometimes life gets in the way, as it did this year. Each month I printed out the patterns, but they became a collection of papers – with very few blocks completed. You can see by the photo below that I was ambitious the first month, making the four corner blocks all the same.

Today, I decided I wanted to skip shopping/wrapping/cleaning/decorating and all that other Christmas preparation. (Well, I DID clean the oven… using the auto clean feature!) I did three blocks today, so the photo below shows my TOTAL number of blocks completed. Pretty sad, isn’t it? Mind you, the two applique blocks are NOT a part of the challenge, but I determined last January that I wanted a mixture of pieced and applique blocks, thus the two you see here.

Here are some close-ups:

With a little more work over the weekend, I should HOPEFULLY get them all finished and save face. I’ll post again when all the blocks are completed. Crossing my fingers as I type,