… and four more

I’ve been busy and completed four more blocks!
Somebody reach out and give me a pat on the back. I’ll turn around and make it easier for you…

6 thoughts on “… and four more

  1. Seeing your blocks completed makes me want to get working on mine. Only thing is that I think I will start over with a different selection of fabric. I like yours much better than mine. LOL! Isn’t that the way it always is. Ellen McFabric (QAF)


  2. Hey, Caron! pat, pat, pat! These are pretty. I intend to take Scout, our Golden Doodle, to the vet after Christmas and get her ‘fixed’ and groomed. Right now she is a fluffy mess with matted ears (I can’t tell the ears from the mats). She has a wonderful disposition, is easy going and so funny. She loves to run, run, run when she is let out but we do keep her inside. There is a pix of a Golden Doodle on the front of Mary Engelbright’s magazine, Home Companion, the holiday issue that’s out now. Scout should look like that well-groomed dog!


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