A Great Day Sewing

Today I woke up determined to get some good sewing time in. I worked on one block for my Dear Jane quilt, called “Dad’s Plaids.” No, there is no plaid fabric in this block.

I also completed two of the right side triangles. RS2 – “Cherokee Lee” has 22 little pieces in it! That’s a lot for a triangle only 5 inches wide and 8 inches tall! I included a piece of Japanese Taupe fabric in this triangle.

RS4 – “Dutch Apron” only has 15 pieces. It went together very quickly compared to Cherokee Lee! I inherited a bag with some fabric from the 1930’s and 40’s from my Aunt Jean when she passed away. The pink print in this block I took from a piece of clothing that was in the bag. By “piece of clothing” I mean it wasn’t the whole article of clothing… just the bodice of a dress or top part of a top. It seemed like the perfect fabric for a triangle called “Dutch Apron.”

The two triangle blocks made today use a form of quilting called “paper piecing.” If you look closely, you might see a peek of paper around the edge of one of these blocks. If you have never done this type of piecing before, there is a good tutorial at the Quilter’s Cache.
I LOVE Saturdays! This is the last one in December… glad I could use it wisely!