Periodic Table Project

I saw an interesting project posted on the blog Boing Boing
About a cool project called the “Periodic Table Printmaking Project.” In this project, a collection of 96 printmakers worked together and individually produced sections of the Periodic Table. You can read more about this HERE.
I wonder how quilters would tackle a project like this? That would be an interesting concept!

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Workspace Challenge

I will join you in the Jazz up Your Workspace challenge. I recently painted my cubicle walls a cinnamon brown and have 2 of my primitive quilts hanging.


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A year ago, we painted my office and DH (my boss, J) let me choose my paint color, so I choose yellow, and I decided to hang my Diamond Bargello quilt, so that I could see it daily and add some brightness to my work day. Since then, everyone that enters my office sees it and commented on it, so now, I spread beautiful smile to many.
Enchie NainiPickering, Ontario Canada

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Baby Shower for Kim and Samantha Today

<—Aliyah, Kim and Krista

What a fun afternoon! Kim’s twin sister Krista had a shower for her today so she’d have some clothes and other “girly stuff” for Baby Samantha Jane. Samantha’s birthday is scheduled for Feb. 15th, 2008. We had a fun afternoon at the Family Buggy Restaurant in Farmington Hills, MI, a great lunch, super good cake and lots of laughs and talk. Here’s a few pictures…

Kimmie and both anxious Grandmas: Caron (me) and Karen.

How much candy and cake can one little boy eat? Plenty! Samantha’s big brother Jacob helped open presents. Here, Krista grabbed my camera and snapped a picture of him with a big gumball in his mouth. Jake is SO excited about “his baby!”

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Our first “QUILT- UP YOUR WORKSPACE” entry (and a beautifully appliqued piece, I might add) comes from one of my Dear Jane friends in Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada, Rosa Robichaud

“In November, I received a mini poppy quilt kit from my Secret Pal. Since Iwork for a Veteran’s Association, I decided to make it and hang it up, in my office. Monday, I think it was, I brought it into work and hung it up.

Thanks for sharing it with us, Rosa!

I posted The “QUILT-UP YOUR WORKSPACE” Challenge yesterday. Here are the directions:

Hang your little quilt at work and send me a picture! Either post it on YOUR blog and give me the link, or send the photo to me and I’ll post it on my blog for you (giving you credit, of course). Let’s spread a little color and add some smiles in the workplace.

Please forward the challenge to all your quilting friends, and get the fun going!

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Jazz up Your Work Space With a Quilt!

OK, Workers of America,
it’s time to jazz up your work space with a little color. A little pizazz, a little quilty something.

I’ve been at my new job for a little over a month now, and the grey cubicle is a little too grey and drab for my tastes. Some of the people where I work have decorated their space, but mostly with photos of their kids, grandkids, pets, etc. You can see I have a pic of Jacob up in the corner, but I still needed to get into the decorating mode. What better way to add a splash of color than with a small Q U I L T ? The little Attic Windows quilt here in blue and black was made years ago. I put it up yesterday morning, and almost everyone who walks by says, “That’s a pretty poster!” I have to explain to them that it is a quilt. They get closer and look at it, and go, “HUMPH. So it is!”

I say it’s time we jazz up our workspaces out in the world with some hand-made quilts, so…

Here’s your chance to break up the winter cabin fever:



Hang your little quilt at work and send me a picture! Either post it on YOUR blog and give me the link, or send the photo to me and I’ll post it on my blog for you (giving you credit, of course). Let’s spread a little color and add some smiles in the workplace.

Another great idea would be to create a little Alzheimer quilt for the

Alzheimer Art Quilt Initiative. Hang it in your work space for a few weeks, send me a photo or put it on your blog (see above), but make sure that your fellow workers know it is going up for auction. Submit it to the Alzheimer Art Quilt Initiative and mail it in following Ami’s great directions (see the website). Then, when it is going up for auction, let everybody at work know so they can bid on it. You could even turn it into a competition at work to see if someone can be the highest bidder! (Aw shucks, toss the winner a candybar or offer to buy them lunch!)

Let’s warm up the workplace with quilts!


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Please update your link

The website for the Alzheimer Quilt Initiative has been moved. It is now located at . Please make this change in your bookmarks, and forward it on to your friends, family, people you don’t know, people on other planets…

you get the idea.

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Chintz and Paisley (is that a song?)

I love all kinds of fabric, except, perhaps, old plaids. My mom always dressed me in plaid when I was little, and I hated it then. Still do!

I love chintz. Big, flowery chintz. I don’t have any in my house, but I am drawn to it. Check out the beautiful rose chintz here at Style Court.

If you like reproduction fabrics, have you seen the website? Fabrics from any era, the late 1700’s on. Wow! I love the blue paisley, but I’m not a “blue girl” anymore. That was in my country days!

Now THIS fabric might appeal to you if you like Paisley! Pink, green and black… find it at the Interior Mall.

My absolute favorite place to shop for quilt fabrics is at I love how you can use the design board to see how well the fabrics you’ve chosen go together. Check out the collection of paisley they have at eQuilter!

Lots more beautiful chintz fabric is available at I love the reds! Mmmmmm, beautiful!

If you are a fabriholic, I hope these sites give you a few good minutes to browse. Or, like me, the entire morning!

Happy shopping!

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