Happy New Year – Happy Snow in Michigan

First, Happy New Year to all my friends and family!

We celebrated by going to Sorrento’s Restaurant – they have fantastic Italian food. We received a Christmas gift card from our friends and neighbors, Tim and Lisa Judson, so we enjoyed a great meal “on them.” Thanks, guys! I must admit, we fell asleep before the midnight hour, so weren’t awake to see the clock change. But, we’re in luck – I’m typing this around 8:30 AM, and the world is still here.

We got a heap o’snow during the night, and it is still coming down quite heavily. Weather people are saying we may get up to six inches more. Here are a few pictures of my world here in Flushing, courtesy of Dean who is now out snowblowing. The pic on the top is of my house. We’ve lived here almost ten years now!

This is our beautiful pine tree that sits to the left side of our house out front. We planted it soon after we moved in… well, actually, we had someone plant it. It was huge when we bought it, and it’s grown a lot. I love how it looks in the snow!

This is a pic of my side yard. Snow is so pretty when it sits on the fence! If you look at the back right corner of this little space, that’s where our little goldfish pond is. Cold little fishies!

The last snowy photo I took out my dining room window and into the back yard. I had to take it through the screen door, because the sliding screen door wouldn’t open. This is our deck, gazebo and wooded back yard – so pretty in the snow!

Side note:
I love using Blogger for my blog, but every time I post more than one photo I get so angry. Why can’t they create a program that always works? Every time I try to post a photo, it puts it at the TOP of the blog, then I have to fiddle around to reformat the text and slide the photos to where I want them. ARGH!