Sometimes it’s Hard to Sew…

Particularly when you have a cat on your lap helping you!
Christmas night, I tried to sit down and do a little hand sewing in my jammies and robe. Stormie wouldn’t let me sew unless she was sprawled across my lap. Makes it a little difficult to sew these little Dear Jane blocks!

Here’s Block B-3, called “Mirror Image.” Not perfect, but it will do. Scanning each block tends to point out every little flaw, but I’m trying to force myself to accept each for what it is – finished!
<– This is one of the bottom triangles called "Attic Windows. I had a heck of a time hand piecing this, but thanks to my new online quilt friend Rosa Robichaud, I started over and followed her sketched plans to paper piece the block. Thanks, Rosa!

One thought on “Sometimes it’s Hard to Sew…

  1. Stormie is a beautiful sewing assistant! I have a couple of these assistants myself. And your DJ blocks are simply gorgeous – I can’t wait to see them all together.


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