Two more, and a Pin Cushion!

I didn’t get as much sewing accomplished today as I’d hoped – things always seem to get in the way, don’t they?
The block to the left was a piece of cake. Five minutes, tops. It’s A-6, Uncle Homer.
The quickness of that little block made up for the enormous amount of time it took me to make this one. A-5, Cathie’s Campfire. I paper pieced this block, and I love how it turned out, but it took awhile!
Finally, I fiddled around and made a little pincushion. This is a horrible photo, but it gives you a quick peek at it. The next time I get my camera out, I’ll take a better photo of it and replace this one.

Ahhhh… it’s Saturday!

It’s a sleeting Saturday morning here in Mid-Michigan, but I don’t care. I plan on spending a good portion of the day sewing. It’s my last “free” Saturday until the beginning of April, as I have a Saturday morning class to teach for Eastern Michigan University. I love teaching – but the Saturday thing gets old quick, especially when I have a full time job during the week. But, it provides money to support my (quilt) habit, so I shouldn’t complain too much.
Last night I finished hand-piecing this block, M6, called “Simplicity.” It wasn’t all that simple, though… lots of tiny pieces to sew. Remember when you look at Dear Jane blocks that they are only 4.5 inches wide (5 inches wide before finishing).
I had worried when choosing my background fabric for this quilt that some fabrics wouldn’t show up well on it. Even though the background is tan in color, it shows up fine because of the little orange flowers that make it POP.
Why did I hand-piece this, you ask? Sometimes I like to sit and sew while I watch/listen to TV in the evening. I felt like doing that with this block, rather than sit in the basement where it is cold and be all alone.
Today I will work on more blocks… mail out a package to my Dear Jane Secret Pal, and a fat quarter to a swap participant (Hi Barb!) from the Quilting Arts Forum . Ahhh, it’s going to be a FUN day!