This ‘n That

Do you use a blog reader? This past week, I introduced my hubby to Google Reader and I think he’s coming to enjoy it. I regularly read many other quilt blogs with Google Reader, and it makes keeping up with my online quilting and blogging friends MUCH easier. Check it out!

I used to be a real estate agent… up until December of last year. I am still getting a LOT of phone calls, and I get a lot of people coming to my website looking for real estate information. SORRY! There are many great Realtors out there, and I am happy to recommend these to you:

Cheryl Moberly in the Grand Rapids, Michigan area
George Keely in the Flint, Michigan area

Cheryl took over my listings and real estate business when I left real estate, and George is my friend and a real estate broker, one heck of a great Realtor. If you need real estate information, please contact one of them.

Speaking of houses, do you like the Bungalow style of home? Then check out Bungalow Pros . This company is located in Madison, Wisconsin, but their website is GREAT! Not only do they have plans for building bungalows, run an interior design business, but they have a retail shop as well. I LOVE their stuff!

I sewed a little block today… A-4 of my Dear Jane quilt. I like doing a little sewing each day. It helps relax me, quiet my body and brain. I have a quilt top I need to get hand quilting on, but it isn’t sandwiched and pinned yet. Also, with the baby coming in mid-February, I don’t want to spread myself too thin. I tend to do that and get too many projects going at once. I need to get started on Samantha’s christening gown, so the hand quilting will have to wait awhile, I’m afraid.
Ready for a giggle? You may have heard the Christian song “Jesus Take the Wheel” before. It’s a pretty song. Check out this video version. It will put a smile on your face. Be sure to turn your speakers up, and be prepared to smile.
Have a great weekend!

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