Cats and Cathedrals

This furry rascal likes to be near me wherever I am. Last night she wedged herself between the wall and the back of my laptop. A very narrow space, but toasty where she can watch mom. She gets upset if I’m away very long, and last night after dinner, I made my way to the basement to sew the little triangle block, below. Dean was on the treadmill down there, and we don’t let Stormie in the basement when the treadmill is going, so she was by herself upstairs, being VERY lonely. By the time I returned to the upstairs, she was fit to be tied.
The block here is LS-10, Megan’s Cathedral. Not enough contrast in the colors, but the focus fabric is one I remember fondly. It is from a shirt I made for myself probably 25 years ago. The block is paper pieced, but at the very bottom there are two triangles on the edge that I appliqued (rather than inset).
I did a little wandering around on the Web this morning, and visited Joe Cunningham’s website. I love Joe’s work. It has an eye-catching appeal, and the man is a FANTASTIC quilter. Check it out! It wouldn’t be fair to mention Joe without mentioning my friend and former neighbor, Mary Schafer. What a wonderful lady she was!!! She is now in the Quilter’s Hall of Fame, and you can read about here here.
OK Gwen, let’s include your website, too. I wish you’d get online up there on Beaver Island! If you want a great quilt retreat, head up to Northern Michigan with Gwen for a fall retreat.
More later… work is calling.

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