Chintz and Paisley (is that a song?)

I love all kinds of fabric, except, perhaps, old plaids. My mom always dressed me in plaid when I was little, and I hated it then. Still do!

I love chintz. Big, flowery chintz. I don’t have any in my house, but I am drawn to it. Check out the beautiful rose chintz here at Style Court.

If you like reproduction fabrics, have you seen the website? Fabrics from any era, the late 1700’s on. Wow! I love the blue paisley, but I’m not a “blue girl” anymore. That was in my country days!

Now THIS fabric might appeal to you if you like Paisley! Pink, green and black… find it at the Interior Mall.

My absolute favorite place to shop for quilt fabrics is at I love how you can use the design board to see how well the fabrics you’ve chosen go together. Check out the collection of paisley they have at eQuilter!

Lots more beautiful chintz fabric is available at I love the reds! Mmmmmm, beautiful!

If you are a fabriholic, I hope these sites give you a few good minutes to browse. Or, like me, the entire morning!

Happy shopping!

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A Few More Blocks, A Few More Sniffles

So it’s official. I have/had what my doctor calls the “creeping crud.” Cold, chills, aches, drippy nose, cough, you name it, I’ve got it. That allowed me some down time Sunday and Monday to get some sewing done while watching some trashy T.V. shows. I love hand sewing, and these little blocks were all completed by hand.

Once I get into hand sewing, whether it is piecing or applique, I tend to pick up speed and am able to accomplish just as much as if I had machine pieced or appliqued. I find it so relaxing… but some of these little tiny pieces are so small they are hard to hang onto!

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