Jazz up Your Work Space With a Quilt!

OK, Workers of America,
it’s time to jazz up your work space with a little color. A little pizazz, a little quilty something.

I’ve been at my new job for a little over a month now, and the grey cubicle is a little too grey and drab for my tastes. Some of the people where I work have decorated their space, but mostly with photos of their kids, grandkids, pets, etc. You can see I have a pic of Jacob up in the corner, but I still needed to get into the decorating mode. What better way to add a splash of color than with a small Q U I L T ? The little Attic Windows quilt here in blue and black was made years ago. I put it up yesterday morning, and almost everyone who walks by says, “That’s a pretty poster!” I have to explain to them that it is a quilt. They get closer and look at it, and go, “HUMPH. So it is!”

I say it’s time we jazz up our workspaces out in the world with some hand-made quilts, so…

Here’s your chance to break up the winter cabin fever:



Hang your little quilt at work and send me a picture! Either post it on YOUR blog and give me the link, or send the photo to me and I’ll post it on my blog for you (giving you credit, of course). Let’s spread a little color and add some smiles in the workplace.

Another great idea would be to create a little Alzheimer quilt for the

Alzheimer Art Quilt Initiative. Hang it in your work space for a few weeks, send me a photo or put it on your blog (see above), but make sure that your fellow workers know it is going up for auction. Submit it to the Alzheimer Art Quilt Initiative and mail it in following Ami’s great directions (see the website). Then, when it is going up for auction, let everybody at work know so they can bid on it. You could even turn it into a competition at work to see if someone can be the highest bidder! (Aw shucks, toss the winner a candybar or offer to buy them lunch!)

Let’s warm up the workplace with quilts!


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One thought on “Jazz up Your Work Space With a Quilt!

  1. I did the same thing. I work so many hours that I hung a wall hanging top up to enjoy during those hours. I will take a picture next time I am at work and send it to you. I often get comments as well.


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