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The website for the Alzheimer Quilt Initiative has been moved. It is now located at . Please make this change in your bookmarks, and forward it on to your friends, family, people you don’t know, people on other planets…

you get the idea.

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Since her quilt design appeared in The Blackbird Design publication “In Mollie’s Garden,” quilter Yelena Elliott has been living much more than her 15 minutes of fame. Check it out here.

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Chintz and Paisley (is that a song?)

I love all kinds of fabric, except, perhaps, old plaids. My mom always dressed me in plaid when I was little, and I hated it then. Still do!

I love chintz. Big, flowery chintz. I don’t have any in my house, but I am drawn to it. Check out the beautiful rose chintz here at Style Court.

If you like reproduction fabrics, have you seen the website? Fabrics from any era, the late 1700’s on. Wow! I love the blue paisley, but I’m not a “blue girl” anymore. That was in my country days!

Now THIS fabric might appeal to you if you like Paisley! Pink, green and black… find it at the Interior Mall.

My absolute favorite place to shop for quilt fabrics is at I love how you can use the design board to see how well the fabrics you’ve chosen go together. Check out the collection of paisley they have at eQuilter!

Lots more beautiful chintz fabric is available at I love the reds! Mmmmmm, beautiful!

If you are a fabriholic, I hope these sites give you a few good minutes to browse. Or, like me, the entire morning!

Happy shopping!

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A Few More Blocks, A Few More Sniffles

So it’s official. I have/had what my doctor calls the “creeping crud.” Cold, chills, aches, drippy nose, cough, you name it, I’ve got it. That allowed me some down time Sunday and Monday to get some sewing done while watching some trashy T.V. shows. I love hand sewing, and these little blocks were all completed by hand.

Once I get into hand sewing, whether it is piecing or applique, I tend to pick up speed and am able to accomplish just as much as if I had machine pieced or appliqued. I find it so relaxing… but some of these little tiny pieces are so small they are hard to hang onto!

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Cats and Cathedrals

This furry rascal likes to be near me wherever I am. Last night she wedged herself between the wall and the back of my laptop. A very narrow space, but toasty where she can watch mom. She gets upset if I’m away very long, and last night after dinner, I made my way to the basement to sew the little triangle block, below. Dean was on the treadmill down there, and we don’t let Stormie in the basement when the treadmill is going, so she was by herself upstairs, being VERY lonely. By the time I returned to the upstairs, she was fit to be tied.
The block here is LS-10, Megan’s Cathedral. Not enough contrast in the colors, but the focus fabric is one I remember fondly. It is from a shirt I made for myself probably 25 years ago. The block is paper pieced, but at the very bottom there are two triangles on the edge that I appliqued (rather than inset).
I did a little wandering around on the Web this morning, and visited Joe Cunningham’s website. I love Joe’s work. It has an eye-catching appeal, and the man is a FANTASTIC quilter. Check it out! It wouldn’t be fair to mention Joe without mentioning my friend and former neighbor, Mary Schafer. What a wonderful lady she was!!! She is now in the Quilter’s Hall of Fame, and you can read about here here.
OK Gwen, let’s include your website, too. I wish you’d get online up there on Beaver Island! If you want a great quilt retreat, head up to Northern Michigan with Gwen for a fall retreat.
More later… work is calling.

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Consider the Lilies

I found this quilt on WebShots, and thought it was absolutely gorgeous… it is by Frances Murphy, Brewster, MA 2nd place, appliqued bed quilts in the Vermont Quilt Festival, 2005. Wow! This photo is too tiny to do it justice. To see it in its larger size, please go to this page. Loving the quilt, I looked on the Internet for more of her work, hoping to find a blog. Sadly, I learned that Frances passed away in October of 2005. Another of her quilts can be seen at the link above.

The picture to the right is the top left corner “kite” of my DJ quilt. The original by Jane Stickle was pieced, but I chose to applique mine. The white lines have been put on the photo so you can kind of see the actual shape of the block. I allowed a lot extra on the edges… just incase!

I had another little block I was going to post this morning, but last night when I pressed it I also took my best scissor and trimmed the seam allowances to their scant 1/4 inch width. Well, everything was looking GREAT… until that last slice went OOPS and sliced a little chunk from one of the side patches. So, until I replace that piece, it won’t get posted. Don’t you hate it when things like that happen?

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Change Can Be Good

While I was getting ready for work today, the news was on the bedroom TV with talk about Michigan’s Primary Election being today. This election brings a change to the voting process, and you have to declare which party you are voting for. And, because Michigan screwed up, the Democrats won’t have any delegates at the national convention. ARGH. Michigan seems to be going further and further into the toilet.

Change. Not just something in your pocket, but something you face on a regular basis. Sometimes it can be good, sometimes bad. It’s all in the way you look at it, I suppose.

The photo here shows you the change we made to color on our walls. Dean painted the dining room and kitchen wall last summer from boring beige to this cinnamon-orange color. I didn’t think I’d like it, but I LOVE it! We also have a dark green bedroom and a very dark plum color in our smaller bathroom. We totally surprised our kids, who were shocked that we joined the world of color.
I’ll post some quilty photos tonight, but for now, it’s off to vote! I’m lucky… my voting place is my own church, Flushing United Methodist Church.