Snow, Triangles and Dad Returns

It’s a snowy, Friday morning here in Michigan. We’ve had more snow this year than in the past few years altogether, I think. Getting a little tired of dealing with it, but it sure is pretty!

I have had these triangles for the border of my “Dear Jane” quilt sitting on my desk for several weeks now, waiting to be scanned and posted.

The first picture is called “Phoenix.” It didn’t scan very well and looks all wacky, but it looks good in person.
The second pic is called “Olympic Torch.” I forgot to add two tiny triangles on the bottom, but I think I will leave it as is. No sense in messing up a good thing. For those of you like my good friend Lorrie from work who might not know what a “Dear Jane” quilt is, there is a photo of the original quilt here. It seems like I write about it every time I post, but when you see the original, you’ll know why. The original quilt was made in 1863 by Jane A. Stickle.
Dad comes home from Scottsdale on Saturday. I’ve missed him a lot. I don’t have to teach Saturday morning, so I’m hoping to get in some quality sewing time. More later!

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Bits and Pieces of Monday

Yesterday was my birthday. Hurray for me? There comes a point when celebrating an extra year is not as exciting as it once was. The number creeps higher and higher… putting you further and further into the “OLD Zone.” My mom’s favorite expression over the past 15 some years of her life was, “Caron, don’t ever get old. It’s hell.” Well, considering the alternative, I’ll take another year.

I have a lot of people ask me how to get started setting up a blog. It’s really very simple, and there are many very informative sites that will walk you through the process. There is a great tutorial by Michael Hyatt , who is President and Chief Executive Officer of Thomas Nelson Publishers, the largest Christian publishing company in the world. Click here to get to that tutorial. Feel free to email me if you have questions or need help.
I participate in the Quilting Arts Forum online. We have a lot of fabric swaps, and my favorite is the Birthday Fat Quarter swap. In this swap, you sign up for a whole year. Every month, you mail the birthday gal(s) a fat quarter of quilting fabric in their requested colors/patterns. Then, when it is YOUR birthday, you get a whole collection of the kind of fabric you wanted. This year, I chose something that would get me out of my comfort zone. I usually work in muted colors, so I wanted something bright and geometric. And Baby, did I ever get it! I wouldn’t normally choose the fabrics you see above, but WOW, I really like them! And I have some ideas already about how to put them in some quilts. I took the photo above on Sunday, when I opened all of my packages. Then yesterday, on my birthday, I got one more from Barb, who also lives in Michigan. Here’s what Barb sent, from way over in the Ludington area. Hi Barb!

Well, I’m off to work. If you are staying home today, think of me while you quilt!

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Two blocks, great weekend

I spent some time Saturday and Sunday sewing. It felt so good! Last week was extremely busy, and there wasn’t much time for relaxation. My stress levels go up when I don’t have a little time to myself to stitch, so I’m hoping this week goes more smoothly.
I had lunch with an old friend on Saturday as well. I hadn’t seen Sue in probably 30 years, and we had a lot of catching up and picture-showing to do. We’ll be getting together much more often, I’m sure! It was great to see her again!

Photo of Dean and Sammy

Sean, Kim, Jacob and baby Samantha surprised us with a visit yesterday for my birthday (which is today). We had a nice, long visit, dinner, and some good relaxing time together. Sammy slept most of the time, but was never set down except for a change or two. She woke up and was very alert before they left, with big open eyes looking all around. Dean’s parents came over for a bit and got to see her for the first time. They said “She’s a keeper.” We agree. I asked Jacob if we should keep her, and he said yes. When I asked him if we should put her back in Mommy’s tummy, he looked really puzzled, then said no, she wouldn’t fit anymore.

This last little block is called “Four Clovers” and is block G-3 in the Dear Jane quilt.

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The Artful Home

I love this website so much, I felt the compulsion to share it with you. The Artful Home is a collection of artists who produce some FANTASTIC art for your home. Everything from glassware to furniture to… QUILTS! My goal is to one day have quilts on their site for sale. Check out some of the prices of their wall quilts. Amazing.

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Mohawk Trail and "While I Was Gone" by Sue Miller

I’ve been completing a few Dear Jane blocks lately, but on Sunday we went to Borders and I decided I hadn’t read a good book in a long time. I picked up one called “While I Was Gone” by Sue Miller. What a GREAT book! I’m on page 133 already, and it’s hard to put down. So, in searching online for the photo of the book to show you, I discovered that it’s one of Oprah’s book choices. If you haven’t already read it, you might want to add it to your list. It’s fantastic!

Yes, I have been sewing inbetween reading. Here’s Mohawk Trail, G-2.
That should tide you over until my next post!

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Happy Valentines Day to My Friends!

I received the cutest package in the mail today from Jen Claire of Bayou Quilts. It is a little sachet that she made with red hearts on the front and back. The front side has been machine stitched and beautifully colored so it has a two-tone effect. Here it is on my guest bed, surrounded with the pretty heart petals that were in the package. So adorable! I can’t put my finger on the sachet scent, so I posted a comment on her blog to find out what she used. It’s very earthy, which I LOVE. This gift was a P.I.F. (Pay It Forward).

I put a P.I.F. on my blog a long time ago asking for people to comment… the offer still stands. Place a comment under this post, and I will put your name in a drawing on Feb. 29th, and three people will receive a hand-made gift from me sometime this year. You won’t know WHEN it will arrive, but it will, indeed, arrive. Be sure to include your contact info (an email or link to your own blog or website where I can find you) so I can send you your gift. There’s a catch… you have to put a P.I.F. on your blog or website as well so you, too, can pay it forward.

Valentine’s Day… the day of love. I thought I’d share my favorite wedding picture with you. It sits at the back of our wedding album, and it hardly ever gets seen. Here we are, circa November 15, 1975, which to Michigan people is the beginning of hunting season. Yes, we ticked off several hunters who were obliged to attend our wedding. This photo was taken LATE in the evening, and we were just about ready to leave for our honeymoon. Remember now, this was the 70’s. Many years ago, and oh, but what I’d give for that figure back! Also, I mentioned earlier that I am making my granddaughter Samantha’s Christening gown from my wedding dress. Here is the dress for your comparison when the gown is completed.

Speaking of sewing, my paternal grandmother’s childhood photo is framed and looks over my computer desk. Edith Burton Covert. I adore this photo (sorry for the reflection of the lamp!). My grandma had a hard life. She lost her mother at a young age, and ended up raising her brothers and sisters. This photo was taken before that time. What a sweet child she must have been! My grandma never sewed. Not even a button! My grandpa worked at the Dort Carriage Factory in Flint, Michigan, doing upholstery work. If anything needed sewn in their home, grandpa did it! If I had a button loose, he’d have me come over to where he kept his sewing kit, and he’d fix it for me. Never mind that my mom was a great seamstress! He liked to do those kinds of things for me. Oh, AND give me chocolate cookies. He called me “Plugger,” and to this day I love that nickname. It’s a special gift from grandpa. Little girls love their grandpas. I can’t wait for Dean to discover that about our precious Samantha!

Take a moment to remember all of your family. Remember those that you hold in a special place in your heart. (Hi Mike and Ryan E., Blanch, Debbie, Jerry, Dale.) Remember those in your past that you love. Even though they are gone, their memories live on in your heart. (Thinking of you Mom, Grandma and Grandpa Covert, Grandma and Grandpa Ryan, Dear friends Gail Wenk and Linby Plainer.)

Wishing everyone a very
Happy Valentines Day.

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Quilted Northern – or something!

The first time I went out to dinner with my soon-to-be husband and his parents, we went to Zehnder’s Restaurant in Frankenmuth, Michigan. Frankenmuth is the German town in Michigan that has all the chicken-serving restaurants, the huge Christmas store called Bronners, and the famous Beer Fest in Summer. Anyway, this photo of the cat leaving a trail of toilet paper – I can top it.

We went to Zehnders and had a marvelous dinner. Before dessert arrived, I had to use the restroom, and being female, of course, we travel in pairs. So my Mother-In-Law to be went with me. On our way out of the restroom, we were chatting and laughing, and ended up back at our table at the FAR end of the restaurant. So we had to walk through the whole entire building to sit down. As we neared our table, I heard a lot of laughter and turned around. Everyone was staring at me. Somehow, I had a long trail of TP attached to the heel of my shoe. It extended all the way to the bathroom, where it was still attached to the roll. OH MY GOSH! Talk about embarrassed!

This was almost 33 years ago, and it still makes me laugh. What great stories can YOU share? Click on COMMENT and share them with us!

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An Applique Sort of Evening

I felt like doing some applique work last night, so I stitched on this little block, E-11, “Wagon Wheel.” I’m really pleased with how it turned out! It’s nice when your stitching doesn’t fight you!

When I came home from work yesterday, it was snowing pretty hard. There was a beautiful cardinal outside my kitchen window eating at the birdfeeder. Alas, by the time I got out my camera, he was gone and other birds were feasting.
Shortly after Dean got home, he went to the sliding door at the back of the house to look out, and there were 3 deer wandering around our back yard. He had me come over to look, and then we spotted another 8 deer in the neighbor’s yard. Sadly, one of the deer had an injured front left leg. She kept trying to walk, and they waited patiently for her before going down the hill to the creek. I don’t know if she was hit by a car or had a broken leg, but it was very difficult for her to walk. We tried to get some photos, but the snow and the setting sun made it very difficult to get a good picture. I’ll watch for her in the next few days and see if she’s doing any better. I don’t know what to do to get her some help. Breaks my heart to see an injured animal!

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Quilting and the Flintstones

Remember the TV cartoon, “The Flintstones”? It was a favorite of mine when I was a little girl. I liked Barney. He was short, a follower, but he could have a temper when he wanted. This little block made me remember Pebbles Flintstone, Fred and Wilma’s daughter. The Dear Jane block is called “Pebble’s Protest,” A-11.
Dean and I are cleaning house. I have 8 books on Ebay right now. Check them out at . He is also listing a bunch of old comic books and instruments at .
I also have a partial bolt of Hunter Green solid 100% cotton fabric from about 15 years ago. It’s still on the bolt, and I’m not sure how much is there, but there’s a lot. If you are interested, contact me by email. My email address is caronmosey at gmail dot com.

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A Sunday’s Sewing

I had fun doing this little brown block today. It was pretty easy to paper piece, but the triangles are SO little! This is A-12, “Framed Fancy.” Remember, the Dear Jane blocks are only 4.5 inches square, and this one has 33 pieces in it.
The triangle here goes on the bottom of the quilt when it is assembled. This one gave me fits. Didn’t want to do anything I told it to do. I hate it when that happens!
I spent the morning doing a little cleaning in the basement, then some sewing. It was a nice, relaxing day. I need more of these!
A week or so ago, I was contacted by a childhood friend of mine. She lives in the area and still has family in Flushing, so we’re going to get together soon. Turns out she quilts, too! How cool is that? Hi Sue! (waving at you from Flushing).

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