Winter Wonderland

Mid-Michigan weather right now is beautiful… it looks like a Winter Wonderland, with heavy snow falling, sticking to the trees, fences, and everything else that it can find. Driving is horrible, though, and schools all around the area are closed. I’m sure lots of employed workers are staying home today. Stormie wanted me to stay home in the worst way today. She followed me from one end of the house to the other, everywhere I went she was only a foot or two away. I love it when she is a “Kling-on Kitty,” but alas, I headed to work.

I visited a great blog this morning and added it to my Google Reader . It’s called “Subversive Stitchers: Women Armed with Needles” . Lots of great things on this blog, written by a writer about quilting. She includes an interesting post on Karen McTavish of Duluth, Minnesota. You probably have heard about Karen and her “McTavishing” (long-arm machine quilting with tons of stippling). Karen is now stippled herself – her arm, anyway. Visit and scroll to the very bottom to take a peek of her feathered arm!

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