The Weather Outside is Frightful

I made it home from work safely last night, though driving was difficult. Roads were almost impassible, and it was near whiteout conditions driving in the Michigan snowstorm. You know it’s bad when the local malls start closing! I was scheduled to teach for Ferris State University from 6-9, but I notified my students in the early afternoon that class was cancelled. Then less than two hours later, all the colleges in the area closed. Smart move! This morning, the reporters on tv are telling everyone that can possibly stay home to do so. I’m debating whether or not to go to work today. I should be there, but my job isn’t a critical healthcare position, so I’m debating.

So, what better to do in these conditions than sew?!? I sewed the Dear Jane Block of the Week, K13-Brandon’s Star. Quilting always relaxes me, and this was fun to make. I had to dig to the bottom of my “blue tub of fabric” to find this old print. I think this is one that I used on the back of the quilt I made for the Flushing Historical Society in the 1980’s! The “Flushing Sesquicentennial Quilt” was made to celebrate our history, and local citizens paid $5-$10 each to sign their name on a brick. This money went to help pay for a brick walkway downtown in Riverbank Park. The quilt hangs in the museum, less than a mile from my house.

The photos you see here of the quilt are from a page in my first book, America’s Pictorial Quilts published by the American Quilter’s Society.

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