So beautiful in Michigan… and California…

I wish I had been able to go walking outside yesterday morning. It was so beautiful with our 11 inches of Mid-Michigan snow on the ground. Dean got out and shoveled and utilized his big, manly snowblower that I haven’t used yet. This pic of the front of our house gives you a little peek at the depth of the snow. Everything was so crisp… the kind of morning that makes you just want to stand there and breathe in the clear, clean, cold air. But work called, and I made it in. Lots of people did not. I’m surprised how many people drive 45 minutes to over an hour to get there! The Saginaw people saw about 18 inches of snow! Yowza!

For a drastic opposite of the photo above. visit Debby’s Journal Quilt blog. Ok, I change my mind. Forget the cold, crisp snow. I want to be HERE! Yes, you should click on the link and go check it out. Makes me want to be sitting on the pretty white bench looking at the birds.

If you are in Mid-Michigan like me, perhaps you have been to the The Quilter’s Garden quilt shop that USED TO BE at 302 1/2 S. Leroy Fenton. Guess what? They have moved! Their new location is at 1364 N. Leroy, Fenton. Lots more room and better parking too! Just travel from their old location 1.3 mi. north on S. Leroy to the Fenton Towne Center plaza, on the right (east) side of N. Leroy. They are in the plaza at the opposite end from the new VG’s Grocery Store. Cheap commercial plug for them. Didn’t cost me a cent!

Am I the only one who is getting tired of the 2008 Presidential Election already? I know who I want to vote for, and it isn’t a woman. Not sure I could take another 4 years of their family in the White House. That’s it… my political rant for the month. I’ll shut up now.

Time to sign off for the evening… Dean is home with a yummy pizza from our favorite pizza place. We’re going to fill up on pizza and play chess, listen to some good music…

Yes, one CAN have fun without quilting. Sometimes. Maybe.

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2 thoughts on “So beautiful in Michigan… and California…

  1. wonderful picture of your house in the snow — so beautiful but I’m glad I’m going to have 60 degrees today and the daffodils are peaking out of the ground here in central Arkansas where the weather is beautiful now that we have survived the tornado’s of last week!


  2. Hi, Caron! Beautiful snow. We usually don’t get any or very little snow here in upstate South Carolina. In fact, we are in the 60s’s during the afternoons this week in a warm spell. Thank you for commenting on my quilts on my blog! Come back and visit often!


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