Happy Valentines Day to My Friends!

I received the cutest package in the mail today from Jen Claire of Bayou Quilts. It is a little sachet that she made with red hearts on the front and back. The front side has been machine stitched and beautifully colored so it has a two-tone effect. Here it is on my guest bed, surrounded with the pretty heart petals that were in the package. So adorable! I can’t put my finger on the sachet scent, so I posted a comment on her blog to find out what she used. It’s very earthy, which I LOVE. This gift was a P.I.F. (Pay It Forward).

I put a P.I.F. on my blog a long time ago asking for people to comment… the offer still stands. Place a comment under this post, and I will put your name in a drawing on Feb. 29th, and three people will receive a hand-made gift from me sometime this year. You won’t know WHEN it will arrive, but it will, indeed, arrive. Be sure to include your contact info (an email or link to your own blog or website where I can find you) so I can send you your gift. There’s a catch… you have to put a P.I.F. on your blog or website as well so you, too, can pay it forward.

Valentine’s Day… the day of love. I thought I’d share my favorite wedding picture with you. It sits at the back of our wedding album, and it hardly ever gets seen. Here we are, circa November 15, 1975, which to Michigan people is the beginning of hunting season. Yes, we ticked off several hunters who were obliged to attend our wedding. This photo was taken LATE in the evening, and we were just about ready to leave for our honeymoon. Remember now, this was the 70’s. Many years ago, and oh, but what I’d give for that figure back! Also, I mentioned earlier that I am making my granddaughter Samantha’s Christening gown from my wedding dress. Here is the dress for your comparison when the gown is completed.

Speaking of sewing, my paternal grandmother’s childhood photo is framed and looks over my computer desk. Edith Burton Covert. I adore this photo (sorry for the reflection of the lamp!). My grandma had a hard life. She lost her mother at a young age, and ended up raising her brothers and sisters. This photo was taken before that time. What a sweet child she must have been! My grandma never sewed. Not even a button! My grandpa worked at the Dort Carriage Factory in Flint, Michigan, doing upholstery work. If anything needed sewn in their home, grandpa did it! If I had a button loose, he’d have me come over to where he kept his sewing kit, and he’d fix it for me. Never mind that my mom was a great seamstress! He liked to do those kinds of things for me. Oh, AND give me chocolate cookies. He called me “Plugger,” and to this day I love that nickname. It’s a special gift from grandpa. Little girls love their grandpas. I can’t wait for Dean to discover that about our precious Samantha!

Take a moment to remember all of your family. Remember those that you hold in a special place in your heart. (Hi Mike and Ryan E., Blanch, Debbie, Jerry, Dale.) Remember those in your past that you love. Even though they are gone, their memories live on in your heart. (Thinking of you Mom, Grandma and Grandpa Covert, Grandma and Grandpa Ryan, Dear friends Gail Wenk and Linby Plainer.)

Wishing everyone a very
Happy Valentines Day.

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4 thoughts on “Happy Valentines Day to My Friends!

  1. I’m so glad the package arrived. The sachet is full of lavender…supposed to be relaxing. Hope you enjoy it!Love your wedding photo and laughed at the hunting dilemma. We have some of the same difficulties here on the first day of deer season!


  2. Hi Caron,This sounds like such wonderful fun. I’ve posted today my own PIF Exchange. < HREF="http://quiltinggallery.com/2008/02/20/pay-it-forward-exchange/" REL="nofollow">Quilting Gallery PIF<>Thanks for sharing the idea. Michele


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