Quilted Northern – or something!

The first time I went out to dinner with my soon-to-be husband and his parents, we went to Zehnder’s Restaurant in Frankenmuth, Michigan. Frankenmuth is the German town in Michigan that has all the chicken-serving restaurants, the huge Christmas store called Bronners, and the famous Beer Fest in Summer. Anyway, this photo of the cat leaving a trail of toilet paper – I can top it.

We went to Zehnders and had a marvelous dinner. Before dessert arrived, I had to use the restroom, and being female, of course, we travel in pairs. So my Mother-In-Law to be went with me. On our way out of the restroom, we were chatting and laughing, and ended up back at our table at the FAR end of the restaurant. So we had to walk through the whole entire building to sit down. As we neared our table, I heard a lot of laughter and turned around. Everyone was staring at me. Somehow, I had a long trail of TP attached to the heel of my shoe. It extended all the way to the bathroom, where it was still attached to the roll. OH MY GOSH! Talk about embarrassed!

This was almost 33 years ago, and it still makes me laugh. What great stories can YOU share? Click on COMMENT and share them with us!

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