Two blocks, great weekend

I spent some time Saturday and Sunday sewing. It felt so good! Last week was extremely busy, and there wasn’t much time for relaxation. My stress levels go up when I don’t have a little time to myself to stitch, so I’m hoping this week goes more smoothly.
I had lunch with an old friend on Saturday as well. I hadn’t seen Sue in probably 30 years, and we had a lot of catching up and picture-showing to do. We’ll be getting together much more often, I’m sure! It was great to see her again!

Photo of Dean and Sammy

Sean, Kim, Jacob and baby Samantha surprised us with a visit yesterday for my birthday (which is today). We had a nice, long visit, dinner, and some good relaxing time together. Sammy slept most of the time, but was never set down except for a change or two. She woke up and was very alert before they left, with big open eyes looking all around. Dean’s parents came over for a bit and got to see her for the first time. They said “She’s a keeper.” We agree. I asked Jacob if we should keep her, and he said yes. When I asked him if we should put her back in Mommy’s tummy, he looked really puzzled, then said no, she wouldn’t fit anymore.

This last little block is called “Four Clovers” and is block G-3 in the Dear Jane quilt.

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