A Sewing Kind of Day

It’s a beautiful, sunny winter day outside, yet I’ve been in my basement sewing since around 8:00… and loving it, I must add.

I finished all the little blocks for row A, and started on one of the harder triangles for the border.

I’m also working on some letters for my coffee and tea quilt called “Scottsdale Cappuccino”. I started this a few years ago, and I’m eager to get it finished and put something into the quilt frame to stitch on. I miss hand quilting! Here’s a sneak peek at one of the blocks, though the quilt doesn’t look like a block-by-block quilt. My brother lives in Scottsdale, and on one of my visits there a few years ago I noticed how much the coffee industry has infiltrated the economy. Hence, the name “Scottsdale Cappuccino”.
Enjoy your sunny day… I’m heading back downstairs!

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