Antique Quilt on Ebay

I put this antique quilt on Ebay last night called “Pink Quilt.”
This quilt dates back to the early 1930’s and is notable for the wide assortment of attractive and eye-catching printed fabrics from that period. A very pleasing balanced design featuring a framed center square placed on point and two wide pastel borders enlivened by the two One Patch borders.
The quilt has been hand-pieced and hand-quilted with a heavy cotton batting. Although the quilting stitches are not super tiny, they are very even and form a simple cable design in the border and the long pink strips of the quilt.
The quilt is in good condition for its age. A few tiny brown stains are visible, but only a few, and they are smaller than the size of my smallest fingernail.
This quilt can be seen on page 50 of the book Contemporary Quilts from Traditional Designs by Caron Mosey. I will be adding one or two more antique quilts this weekend as well. I’m running out of storage space for quilts, so I thought I’d pass this one along for someone else to enjoy. It really is a nice quilt!

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