Sunday Sewing

I mentioned earlier that I spent most of Sunday sewing. Here is one of the right border triangles on my Dear Jane quilt, called Epicenter (R3). I had a lot of fun with this triangle, though it took quite awhile. It is pieced, appliqued, and reverse appliqued. And I adore the print I used… dark brown (almost black) background with dark gold leaves printed on top. Mmmmmm. Maybe a black and tan quilt someday!?!?!
I also mentioned a few quilts that I put on Ebay. One of them has an opening bid of $150 already. Whooo hoooo!

Yesterday, Kim sent me a few photos, with a comment:
“I think someone looks a whole lot like their daddy!”
The first photo is the daddy, my son Sean, at about 3 weeks old, held by his Grandma Trudy.
The second photo is Samantha, one month old. I think Kim is right! The mouth is sure the same. And the cheeks!!! Hair? Sammy does have Kim’s ears… and not sure about the eyes yet. Too funny!
NOTE: the date on the photo of Sammy is NOT right! She was born on Feb. 2nd, 2008.

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