Old, faded green

There’s something to be said for not keeping your quilts in the light. This little wallhanging used to be hung in my kitchen twenty-some years ago… two houses ago, actually. It’s called “Feathered Crown,” and the flowers and center crown applique are hand dyed fabrics that I dyed myself. The green was store bought. The quilt used to have a great deal of color contrast… sharp, deep colors that were so fun to work with and stitch around. Now, it’s a sad little piece, made even sadder by the blurry photo. Sorry!

In my Wednesday night reading class, we talked about the correlation between reading and writing. I made a statement that it will be interesting to see the effect of blogging on the world of writing. Will it make our society one of better writers? Better readers? Or will the short posts we read and write make us unable to concentrate more than a few minutes?

I was shocked to find out that only one or two of my students knew what a blog is. These are students in their twenties and up. I encouraged them to do a search of something that interests them, and include the word blog in the search. Another way to learn about blogs is to visit a blog directory and start poking around. The Blog Catalog and Bloggapedia are good places to go. Of course, if you are reading this, you can see what a blog is. But if you are limiting yourself to blogs by quilters, expand your horizons and see all the other good things that are out there!

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