It Feels SO Good…

to have time to sew… ahhhh, what a great feeling!

I came back from teaching my Saturday morning class (today was the last day) and I’ve been busy sewing and relaxed. Ahhh, the feeling!

This is D9 – Uncle Richard from my Dear Jane quilt. It is paper pieced.

I am swapping two blocks with a Dear Jane friend in Australia, Susan Moore. She’s sending me some very needed brown fabrics in exchange for the blocks. She’s collecting blocks from quilters around the world. You can see what she has so far by clicking on her Webshots Dear Jane album. Susan asked that everyone sign their blocks and tell where they are from. What a fun idea, and this will make a great keepsake quilt when she is done! If you want a closer look at these two blocks, click on the photo.

Back to stitchin’!

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A Long Week

I can’t believe it’s been a whole week since I posted. I’m at the tail end of this semester for both Ferris and EMU, and I’ve had SO many papers to grade. There hasn’t been time for very much else, especially quilting and blogging, so forgive me.

The best laid plans… never seen to follow through the way you hoped. I planned to start Samantha’s christening gown last weekend, but when I opened the box and pushed aside the tissue paper, my wedding dress was covered with mildew and rust stains! I could have cried, but I didn’t. (Did do a little cursing though!) Anyway, I put the dress in the washer and soaked it in Woolite and Cascade, and that helped a little bit. Not enough, though. Today after my last Saturday class (I have to give them their final exam) I’m planning on going on a hunt for Oxyclean. Everyone tells me it works miracles, so we’ll see.

I’ve tried to keep up with the Dear Jane Block of the Week even when I’m busy. I let the Triangle of the Week go until I have more time. Here are a few I have completed recently:

C2-Streak of Lightening

K8-Springbrook Park, Paper pieced

H6-Pie Sale

All the kids and grandkids are supposed to come up tomorrow, Sunday. Can’t wait to see everyone! My dad will also be over. He hasn’t met Samantha yet, so he’ll get to hold his only Great Granddaughter! He will also get to meet Loren’s sweet Margaret. I’m going to take lots of pictures, and will post some when everyone goes home.

Have a Great Weekend!!!

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