One quilt, two blocks

From The Woods To The Water, 1983

I’ve been meaning to share this quilt on my blog, but never got around to it. I don’t like this photo, though, as it looks all washed out. I made this quilt for my father’s retirement in 1983. It is 82″ x 82″, machine pieced and hand quilted.

This little Dear Jane block is E-1, Aunt Exie’s Phlox, hand appliqued.

The little pink block is H-4, Abbey’s Eyes, hand pieced. Love the bright pink fabric!!!

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Ode to Kate

Kate posted a Meme on her blog… I decided to give it a go!

Five things Found in your Bag/Purse:

  • tons of receipts
  • Halls Plus honey lemon
  • lots of change floating around
  • red checkbook and red wallet (hey, it’s a red purse!)
  • snack-size bag of vitamins

Five Favourite Things in Your Room:

  • lazy grey cat named Stormie (she’s in whatever room I happen to be in)
  • many quilts (completed or in progress)
  • television
  • wooden rabbit
  • quilt magazines

Five Things You Have Always Wanted to Do:

  • Visit Montana
  • Visit England
  • Own a horse
  • Live on property with endless, well-maintained (not by me gardens)
  • Write a novel

Five things you are currently into:

  • Dear Jane quilts
  • My grandchildren
  • Weight Watchers
  • Walking
  • Reading quilt blogs

    Would you like to do this Meme? Please feel free, and post a link in it back to me!

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Last chance!

Only one more day to turn in your favorite quilt!

From an earlier post:

What is YOUR favorite quilt (of the quilts that YOU have made)? Let’s gather a list of favorites! Please do one of the following so you can be included.

A) Post a comment with the following information: Your first and last name, state or country, name of your favorite quilt and why it’s your favorite, and a link to where a photo of it can be located on the Internet.

B) Send me an email with: Your first and last name, state or country, name of your favorite quilt and why it’s your favorite, and an attached photo of your favorite quilt.
Please make sure your information reaches me by April 30, 2008. I will then post a special “My Favorite Quilt” blog (or 2,3,4, etc.) and share this information.

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The Graduate

I’m so proud of my daughter-in-law. She took 3 college classes this semester to finish her degree, and graduated from Eastern Michigan University this past Sunday. Part way into the semester she gave birth to my granddaughter Samantha, and also worked full-time doing bookkeeping. That’s dedication, and I don’t know how she did it, but we’re all SO proud of Kim!

The family went out to Olive Garden for a yummy celebration lunch. Sammy slept through most of it, and Jacob was a happy eater. I must admit, he has inherited the family bread gene.
Jacob went to the graduation to see his mommy walk across the stage, while Samantha spent her first night at Grammy and Bumpa’s house. She will be three months old this Friday, May 2nd. She slept like an angel and was a very good baby. We had lots of cuddle time! Sammy had her first visit to our church, her first trip to the grocery store with us, and was carefully watched by Stormie the cat. I love this picture of her in her floppy hat, ready to go have lunch and celebrate her mommy’s accomplishment!
I squeaked in a little hand quilting last night while I watched tv. This is C3-Rayelle’s Fence.
Have a great day!

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Flowering Plum

Outside our bedroom is a Flowering Plum tree. Usually when it is in full bloom, it only stays that way a day or two because of the spring rains and wind. So yesterday morning before work I ran outside with my camera to capture the beauty before that happens. Can you see the birds’ nest in there? It’s there!
Happy Spring, everyone!

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Northern Lights

When I was in middle school I spent a few weeks at a Girl Scout camp in Traverse City, Michigan – as I did every summer. One night in the wee hours of morning, my counselor woke us up and told us to grab our sleeping bag and follow her. She took us up to the top of a big hill to meet the rest of the camp. There, I saw the Northern Lights for the very first time. We lay on the ground on or in our sleeping bags and looked straight up at the heavens and saw the beautiful colors swirl and change for nearly an hour. It was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen, and something I’ll remember all my life.
The block you see here is part of my “Dear Sammy Jane” quilt, and is called “Northern Lights.” (LS-8) It doesn’t look anything like the Northern Lights I saw, though. This little block is paper pieced and hand appliqued. I’m going to work more for awhile doing hand piecing. I love the relaxation of it, and then I don’t have to pick these *#G*D”*%’*#QX”*% pieces of paper out of the finished product. YICK! With this block, my Dear Jane numbers are now 56-12-2-1671. 56 blocks, 12 triangles, 2 corners, and a total of 1671 pieces so far. More coming!
The weather has been perfect here over the last week. We’ve even had the bedroom window open a crack at night. A slight bit of chill, but perfect for sleeping. This weekend looks like rain, though. Jacob and Samantha will be here Saturday night. I was hoping for nice weather so he could ride his bike and tractor outside. We’ll see. This is Sammy’s first night at Grammy and Bumpa’s house. We’re excited!

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A Glorious Weekend

It was such a nice weekend outside here in mid-Michigan! The sun was shining, the birds were not only singing but flocking to my bird feeders! I spent some time in the yard dividing and replanting some day lilies, raked around the goldfish pond, and other assorted odd yard jobs. I’m a little stiff and sore today, but that comes with spring I guess.

I did some more work on Samantha’s christening gown… the sleeves are now done. They were very difficult, but now DONE. Next I need to assemble the front, back and sleeves into one unit and do the neckline. I’m a little scared.

The little block above is from my Dear Sammy Jane quilt, called C1-Trooper Green’s Badge. Cute, easy little block. I also tried doing the bottom left corner of the quilt, but that gave me fits and I stopped. I was paper piecing it, and I think I need to try again with hand piecing. Another day, I think.

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