Keeping Track of a Multitude of Blogs

Are you hooked on quilt blogs? I know I am! I have a long list of blogs I read, and reading quilt blogs is how I start my day! A strong cup of coffee, a snuggly bathrobe and my blogs and I start to wake up. I have so many blogs I read on a regular basis, I needed a way to keep them organized. I needed a way to know when someone posted something new. I got a blog reader. It was cheap. Free, actually, and I love it!

I use Google Reader. Again, it is F R E E . You register, you start adding the addresses of blogs you read, you learn how to search for more quilt blogs right on Google Reader, and you’re on your way! Bloglines is another blog reader, but I haven’t tried it. You might want to give it a go.

While I really like using a blog reader, there is one part that I’m not especially thrilled about. Bloggers use different sites and programs to publish their blog. You are reading my blog, which uses . Some other people use Typepad or WordPress. There are many others. When I use my Google Reader, I can see portions of blogs and scroll through each one. But the settings on some individuals blogs are such that the pictures don’t show up in the Reader.

Here is a view of what I see when someone has their blog set so that blog readers can see their beautiful photos. Thank you, ! (The beautiful colors you see to your left.)
Sadly, some people have their settings such that the beautiful pictures and colors don’t show in a blog reader. So sad. If that happens, you can still get to their blog by clicking on a link, but it kinda defeats the purpose of having a blog reader! If the writing isn’t interesting, I don’t click through. If it IS interesting, I’ll go for it.

How many readers are YOU turning away? Do you know what your blog looks like in a BLOG READER? Maybe you should give it a try and see for yourself. Sure makes reading blogs more organized!

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