A Longer Weekend…

means more time to cuddle with Samantha!

Sammy and Jake were here Sunday for the afternoon while their mommy and daddy were house hunting. Sammy spent a lot of time either sleeping or eating, but the rest of the time she was being held by me. Ahhhh, nothing like a baby to snuggle with! Jake and his “Bumpa” did some yard work, and Jake enjoyed riding his own John Deere peddle tractor and John Deere bike on the sidewalk. Just shy of 4 years old, he loves riding anything with wheels. Bumpa also gave Jake a ride on the big tractor up and down the street which always goes over well!

I snuck outside Sunday morning and took some early spring photos of the yard and house. Next to my pond some little yellow crocus peek out of the grass. The goldfish are doing their little “happy dance” in the pond, but I think I will get them a few new roommates. I only count 5 fish… wonder what happened to the others?
Here’s a photo of the back of our house from the back fence. Pretty naked now, but in less than one month, it will be hard to see the house through the trees. Beyond the back fence, our yard drops off to the flats down by the creek. The FlatsThat’s where the deer hang out. We have left that natural… I might sneak down this year and plant some daylilies by the water. I have lots of lilies that need dividing, and it might be nice to have a splash of color down there. Hmmm.
While I was waiting for Jake and Sammy to arrive, I spent some time working on Sammy’s christening gown. It’s coming along nicely, now that I have most of the yellow spots out. I cut it out on Saturday and have the yoke on the front all tucked and embroidered. The fabric is not the easiest thing to work with, though! Very slippery! I did a little piecing and embroidery work for my Dear Sammy Jane quilt. I’m now at 53 blocks! Yippie!
I’ll share the quilting another time. I’m off to hang a mirror!

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