My college classes are done, and all I have left to do is grade the final exams. No more Saturday morning or Wednesday night classes! I’ll miss my students, but this has been a long semester, and at least 4 nights each week I’ve had schoolwork to do. With working full-time during the day, this has been a long 3.5 months!

I’ve had a little time in the last week to sew some. Sammy and Jake were here Sunday… but the sewing machine and the fingers were working when they weren’t here. Monday, Dean and I were going to go to Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, Michigan but we ended up having to go to the hospital to be with his mother who had some tests done. Tests came back negative, but we still don’t know what is causing her problems. We may go to the museum this Sunday… depends on how Dean feels (spring allergies).

I love doing applique. This was a fun block to do, and I did most of it while waiting at the hospital. It’s called D8 – Dee Dee’s Delight. I don’t know who Dee Dee is, but I was delighted sewing this! Click on the photo to see a larger version. I love the pink fabric!
Speaking of fabric, I bought a few little pieces on eBay today and won! Some brown charms and some red and white jelly rolls! Very exciting! There is alot of of fabric for sale on eBay. Check it out!

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