Rug Surfing

You’ve seen a lot of photos of cats on quilts… at least you have if you read quilt blogs frequently. But have you seen any cats RUG SURFING? Stormie has quite a talent, and she practices daily. If I had a movie camera, I’d post a video on my blog. These photos will have to suffice.

First, let me take you through the scenario.

  1. First, you take a rug, one that has been placed beautifully on a nice tile floor in the front hallway. You must have plenty of room to do “the run.”
  2. Second, you make absolutely sure the rug is nicely in place, positioned squarely in the hall. This is best done right after mommy or daddy have repositioned the rug after an earlier episode.
  3. Third, you start from the opposite corner of the house, and run full tilt boogie towards the front hall.
  4. Fourth, you land on the rug with a plop and ride it as it scoots up the door. If someone happens to catch you in the act, scowl at them. Look very angry!
Voila – Rug Surfing!

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