The Graduate

I’m so proud of my daughter-in-law. She took 3 college classes this semester to finish her degree, and graduated from Eastern Michigan University this past Sunday. Part way into the semester she gave birth to my granddaughter Samantha, and also worked full-time doing bookkeeping. That’s dedication, and I don’t know how she did it, but we’re all SO proud of Kim!

The family went out to Olive Garden for a yummy celebration lunch. Sammy slept through most of it, and Jacob was a happy eater. I must admit, he has inherited the family bread gene.
Jacob went to the graduation to see his mommy walk across the stage, while Samantha spent her first night at Grammy and Bumpa’s house. She will be three months old this Friday, May 2nd. She slept like an angel and was a very good baby. We had lots of cuddle time! Sammy had her first visit to our church, her first trip to the grocery store with us, and was carefully watched by Stormie the cat. I love this picture of her in her floppy hat, ready to go have lunch and celebrate her mommy’s accomplishment!
I squeaked in a little hand quilting last night while I watched tv. This is C3-Rayelle’s Fence.
Have a great day!

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