Ode to Kate

Kate posted a Meme on her blog… I decided to give it a go!

Five things Found in your Bag/Purse:

  • tons of receipts
  • Halls Plus honey lemon
  • lots of change floating around
  • red checkbook and red wallet (hey, it’s a red purse!)
  • snack-size bag of vitamins

Five Favourite Things in Your Room:

  • lazy grey cat named Stormie (she’s in whatever room I happen to be in)
  • many quilts (completed or in progress)
  • television
  • wooden rabbit
  • quilt magazines

Five Things You Have Always Wanted to Do:

  • Visit Montana
  • Visit England
  • Own a horse
  • Live on property with endless, well-maintained (not by me gardens)
  • Write a novel

Five things you are currently into:

  • Dear Jane quilts
  • My grandchildren
  • Weight Watchers
  • Walking
  • Reading quilt blogs

    Would you like to do this Meme? Please feel free, and post a link in it back to me!

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2 thoughts on “Ode to Kate

  1. Wow – a whole ode! 🙂 Thanks for doing that, it was fun to read. Good luck with the Weight Watchers – I’ve done it in the past (lost 50 lbs) and am doing a bit of a brush up at the moment so the 10 extra don’t end up turning back into 50…Oh, and I just had to share this – the “word” I got for comment verification just now was “okhug” – how funny is that?


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