What’s YOUR favorite quilt?

I’ve made quite a few quilts in my day… not as many as some people, but more than others. When I think back on all the quilts that have crossed my quilting frame, this pieced Ocean Waves quilt made in 1985 is my favorite. Perhaps it is all the little pieces that went into it. 2,348 to be exact. Maybe it was the time it took me to piece it by machine. Perhaps it was the color selection. Maybe the hand quilting process (which I adore). Whatever it is, this is my favorite quilt.
What is YOUR favorite quilt (of the quilts that YOU have made)? Let’s gather a list of favorites! Please do one of the following so you can be included.
A) Post a comment with the following information: Your first and last name, state or country, name of your favorite quilt and why it’s your favorite, and a link to where a photo of it can be located on the Internet.
B) Send me an email with: Your first and last name, state or country, name of your favorite quilt and why it’s your favorite, and an attached photo of your favorite quilt.
Please make sure your information reaches me by April 30, 2008. I will then post a special “My Favorite Quilt” blog (or 2,3,4, etc.) and share this information.
Hope to hear from you soon!

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Kite #2 – done!

I finished my second of the four “kites” or corners for my Dear Sammy Jane quilt. It was fun putting on the embroidered writing. I kept a space for the number of pieces and for the finished date. I’m glad I chose this deep burgundy for this block. I love tan and burgundy together. I added more writing on mine than Jane put on hers, but that’s okay! It’s my quilt, not hers!
I also think I am going to design a few of my own blocks to use in the quilt as well.

Do you ever get those days when it seems no matter what you sew, it just doesn’t work out? I was working on the BOW (Block of the Week) last night, and it was driving me nuts! I wanted to do it in a stripe fabric, but in paper piecing, my brain had a hard time deciding how to make the stripes all go the same direction. I got half of the block pieced, and when I put it together, it looked awful. It’s in my trash bucket, and I will be hand piecing the block tonight and fussy cutting it. Geesh! AND, the night before last I worked on sewing the other sleeve for Sammy’s christening gown. The lace looked beautiful… then I discovered I sewed the top row of INSET lace in the wrong place!!! Fortunately, I hadn’t cut out behind the lace when I discovered it, so I took that row of lace off. It left little holes from the sewing needle where the lace was. I think a row of mini pink ribbon will go nicely there, and on the other sleeve to match.

I think we all get those kinds of days. For me, I can only take the frustration so long. Quilting is supposed to be fun, so when that happens, I just stop what I’m doing and go do something else that is NON sewing. I figure, if God wanted me sewing right then, it would work out right. Not meant to be, so MOVE ON!

Hope you have a great sewing day, and that everything works out as planned… His plan!

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Blogging Adds Friends…

And YOU are one of them!

A lot of quilters (and non quilters alike) visit quilters’ and crafters’ blogs… some leave comments, some don’t. Some send you email, some don’t. Each morning when I turn on my computer I notice that the number of people visiting my blog has grown, and it always makes me wonder…

Who are you? Where do you live? Are you a first-time quilter? An experienced quilter? A quilter wanna be? What do you like to do in your spare time? Do you have a job? Do you own a quilt shop? Are you a young mom or a proud Grammy like me? Our blogs share important parts of our lives with our blogging friends. Please add a quick comment and introduce yourself, dear friend!

I don’t think I shared this little quilt before. I made it many years ago, and my youngest son used to cuddle under it to watch television. It was machine pieced and hand quilted. University of Michigan colors, my alma mater.

Every artist dips his brush in his own soul,
and paints his own nature into his pictures.
~Henry Ward Beecher

Thanks for stopping by!

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A Sleeve for Samantha

Sounds like the title of a book, doesn’t it? “A Sleeve for Samantha.” Here’s a very tiny peek at a very tiny sleeve for a very tiny little girl’s christening gown. Made for Sammy… by Grammy. You might see tiny blue dots along the lace. Those will disappear with cold water when I’m finished. (Yes, I tested it!)

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The Improvisational Quilts of Susana Allen Hunter

Yesterday Dean and I had a wonderful day roaming around the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, Michigan. It’s been quite awhile since I’ve been there, and much has been done to the museum during my absence. Our visit was planned so that we could attend the quilt show featuring the quilts of Susana Allen Hunter. The link takes you to the Henry Ford web page with her information.

Susana was an African American woman who quilted out of necessity for her family. The exhibit is only there through April 27th, so if you’d like to attend, you best hurry! Dating from the 1930s to the 1970s, her quilts provide daily-life context to the experience of African Americans living in the Jim Crow South. Don’t expect to see fancy applique and tiny, wonderous quilting motifs. However, the exhibit is an excellent display of real-life America for many people. Taking what they had, using worn clothes and blankets, women often crafted quilts to warm their families. If you visit, take take the time to read the displays. The information and quotes from Susana’s family are precious. What a great lady she was!

Here are just a few of the photos from the show:

That’s me in the middle admiring the back of her quilt. Looking at the display of her sewing materials (see above) was a humbling experience. Modern-day quilters tend to search for the newest sewing gadgets to make our work better. It’s amazing what needle, thread, and one simple pair of scissors will do! Thank you for your work, Susana.

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Rug Surfing

You’ve seen a lot of photos of cats on quilts… at least you have if you read quilt blogs frequently. But have you seen any cats RUG SURFING? Stormie has quite a talent, and she practices daily. If I had a movie camera, I’d post a video on my blog. These photos will have to suffice.

First, let me take you through the scenario.

  1. First, you take a rug, one that has been placed beautifully on a nice tile floor in the front hallway. You must have plenty of room to do “the run.”
  2. Second, you make absolutely sure the rug is nicely in place, positioned squarely in the hall. This is best done right after mommy or daddy have repositioned the rug after an earlier episode.
  3. Third, you start from the opposite corner of the house, and run full tilt boogie towards the front hall.
  4. Fourth, you land on the rug with a plop and ride it as it scoots up the door. If someone happens to catch you in the act, scowl at them. Look very angry!
Voila – Rug Surfing!

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Little blocks I forgot to post

How could I forget to share these little blocks with you?

From top left:

  • B-13: Four Corner Press
  • C-13 Lakota Sioux
  • L-8 Box Kite

Being spring, I felt the urge to freshen up my blog’s image a little bit. I needed something less wintery… Does this do the trick? Please let me know what you think in the comments below.


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