Our Favorite Quilts

On April 19, 2008 I posted a photo of my favorite quilt, Ocean Waves. I invited other quilters to post or email photos of their own favorite quilts. There are some pretty talented quilters who read my blog, and I’m happy to share their talent!

My favorite quilt is “Ode to the bears” from the book “Little Quilts book All Through The House” by Alice Berg, Mary Ellen Von Holt and Sylvia Johnson. I like it because it has a scrappy look using lots of different fabrics and some cute little blocks. Also it is one of my first quilts I made and I was happy how it turned out.

Elly Dunbar from Scotland

Jess’s Freedom Quilt

I have made a lot of quilts over the years so it was really hard to pick out a favorite. I ended up deciding that Jess’s graduation quilt (Jess’s Freedom Quilt ) was my favorite. Not for the color of design but for all the memories I had of him growing up while I was making it. It was a pure joy and I look forward to doing it again next year when my next child earns his freedom.

Laura Hahn from Indiana, USA

Purple Magic TilesMy favorite quilt that I’ve made so far is my Purple Magic Tiles that I made for my folks for Christmas last year. I just love the colors… it was very difficult to part with that quilt, as Purple is my favorite, but my folks love it, so that makes me thrilled to know it has a good home.
If I get to pick a second favorite quilt, it would be Stitch and Flip that I made several years ago. It still makes me happy to see hanging in my living room, as it contains many fabrics that went into other quilts, or projects that I’ve made.

Michele Foster from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Stitch and Flip

I love seeing other quilters favorite quilts. You can still share yours… I’ll be happy to post as I receive them. You can email them to me at caron mosey at gmail dot com or add a comment to this post with the information.
Keep stitching!

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2 thoughts on “Our Favorite Quilts

  1. So, I stop by once and a while. The quilt for your dad was incredible!You asked on my blog about scrapbooking. I’m using Photo Shoppe Elements 5. 6 just came out… don’t know what the differences are. It’s a great program. And lots of tutorials online and freebie scrapbooking stuff. If you want more info, email me (it’s on the blog).


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