Samantha’s Bonnet

This was a little tricky to make…
the bonnet to go with Samantha’s christening gown. I’ve never sewn a bonnet before, and this uses the basic design of the pattern I’m following, but I added lace and redesigned as I went along. The circle at the crown is lace from my wedding dress, the lace on the top part of the bonnet is from Samantha’s other Grandma Karen’s wedding dress. The little lace applique where the ribbon to tie it connects to the bonnet is a part of the lace from the hem of her dress. I couldn’t find the right place to photograph this… hard to get a good shot of white on white! Tonight I will be finishing her little slip and then show the whole thing. Stay tuned!

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2 thoughts on “Samantha’s Bonnet

  1. Hi Caron,Beautiful bonnet. I can’t wait to see the entire ensemble for the christening gown.Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving the comment. Of course, I had to pop on over to visit your blog. I enjoyed the visit.I look forward to being quilt buddies with you!


  2. Hi there Caron, You did such a professional job on the bonnet–and I love your design! Together, the gown, slip, and bonnet are so rich and elegant. This little baby will be cooing at her christening–well, until she gets sprinkled. Hugs, Janet Wachter, Tampa, FL from the dj list


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