Samantha’s Christening Gown

I’m so proud to say… Grammy has finished Samantha’s christening gown, slip and bonnet! This was so fun to make (though at times I wished my mom was still alive to help with the hard parts). I love how it looks, and am so excited to see Sammy in this.
My favorite part is the lace on the hem of the gown.
The little slip has just a hint of pale pink, and the lace on the bottom is also on the bodice of the gown.

I mentioned above that through the difficult parts of this gown, I wished my mom were here. Mom was a great seamstress and sewed most of my clothes when I was young. I know mom would be very pleased with this; I know she’ll be with us on June 8th for the christening. She would be so thrilled to have a baby girl in the family.

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