Tic Tac Toe, Anyone?

There is nothing so pleasureable as playing tic tac toe in school when you’re a kid. Sneaking in a game when the teacher isn’t watching is something ALL kids do. This little block is C-4 Tic Tac Toe of my Dear Jane quilt.

Grandson Jacob gave me pictures for Mother’s Day. He sure can pose for pictures, can’t he? He’s a virtual ham! He turns four this month. Very hard to believe it’s been that long! When we were getting ready to leave the buffet on Mother’s Day, I was helping the kids get ready to leave. Jake looked at me very seriously as I was fussing over Samantha, and said, “You know Grammy, she’s MY baby!” I asked if I could love on her from time to time, and he said “Yes, but you have to ask!” Too precious!

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