Reading About OwlsThanks to my Blogland and Dear Jane friends for sharing their redwork patterns that include owls. I’ve loved owls since I was a little girl and heard them at camp. From way up in the trees, they called to me, and I would search and search for their little faces. Now, as Dean and I drive the roads of Michigan, I watch the treetops for owls. I get SO excited when I spot one! This is my first owl block; I added the words at the bottom. Curious little guys, aren’t they?


A blogger friend asked me to show a photo of my granddaughter Samantha. I can’t show her in her christening gown yet, because that isn’t until June 8th. Be patient, friends! This is Sammy when she was at our house 3 weeks ago. Now she smiles and coos!

I watched American Idol tonight with Dean. We both vote for David Cook. I like David Archuleta, but I think David Cook has more versatility. I think the girl is on her way out this week. Mark my words! 🙂 LOL There was a time in high school when I would have wanted to be on that stage. I was a vocal music major with high aspirations, but I guess musicals and operettas will have to be the highlight of my career as a singer. Ahhh, youth! Now, you couldn’t push me on that stage!!!

2 thoughts on “Redwork

  1. Good morning Caron!I love reading about comments on my blog to start off my day! 🙂 Oh… what a cutie Samantha is!!!! Such beautiful eyes! Alright, I will try to be patient and wait till sometime in June! 😉Lovely Redwork — may I ask you how many strands of floss (I assumed you used DMC) you use for your redwork?I also sent you an email to answer your questions… please let me know if you didn’t get it. I will try to resend again.Have a great day!


  2. I love your redwork block and baby Samantha is looking very cute 😀But alas I don’t like your choice of American Idol, lol. My favourites have gone already Chris Cook? Hopeless with names… the beautiful country singer girly with the long blonde hair.. I loved her voice. also liked the little Philipino girl she was oh so cute.But though I don’t like David Cook I have to agree he’s the best singer left. Drats. LOL Elly ooo it’s on tonight here.


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