I Need a Sewing Machine!

I’ve been using a Bernina Nova since I bought it new in 1978. It’s about time to get a new one, but there are SO many different kinds on the market, I don’t know what to buy. I want to be able to machine quilt, do embroidery and piecing. I’d like a longer-than-usual arm, and good space under it for rolling a quilt. Help me out! What do YOU use, and why do you like it? Please vote on the left side of the screen, and leave me a comment and tell me what you like and don’t like about your sewing machine.

I need help, friends. This is a major decision!

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4 thoughts on “I Need a Sewing Machine!

  1. I vote for the Janome 6600…. has extra space, all the decorative stitches, and half the price of a comparably equipped Bernina, Pfaff or Viking…. Best advice is make a list of the features that are important to you, not me, not your best friend, etc. Then make up a small bunch of test quilt sandwiches, maybe 12×12, in muslin (something light so you can literally write notes on them), then go test drive various models, making sure to write what you do and DON’T like, including (after leaving the shop) notes on the dealer!HTH and have fun and congrats on diving in to the business, Cheers, Sarah Smith


  2. I’ve also got a Bernia Nova that I have had since 1979. My sewing machine servicer has said not to get rid of it because it’s mostly metal parts and will last. But I’ve just bought a fairly basic Janome as I wanted a light weight machine for classes etc.It’s lovely to meet someone else who has the same machine as me.


  3. I sell both Berninas and Vikings and many long time Bernina uses/lovers will switch over to a Viking once they sit down and sew on it. I personally own a 870Q Sapphire from Viking and love it.It does have the deeper throat area and the exclusive sensor system.The best thing to do is make a list of items you definitely want in a machine, visit a larger quilt show and test drive as many as you can.Good luck and keep us posted on what you get!


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