My baby in Minnesota

Thanks so much to Marge for taking a photo of my “baby”

at the Minnesota Quilters 2008 show for me!

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A Corner Slice of Applique

I worked on a corner of my latest quilt last night…

Stormie watched, of course. This is her favorite spot lately… Daddy’s computer chair, right in front of the front window. She runs and hits it just right so it spins and she faces out the window. Not real happy that I turned the chair to take her picture. Their was a bird in the birdbath just outside the window.
Cackle cackle.

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No more mailing your children to grandma…

If you are a quilter in the United States, or if you plan on mailing something to the United States, this might interest you.

In 1775, the first Postmaster General was appointed by the Continental Congress. That was Benjamin Franklin! The Pony Express began in 1860. In 1971, the United States Postal Service® began operations. 1982 was the last year Postal Service accepted a public service subsidy. That’s right – Not a single one of your tax dollars goes to the postal service! Translated: The United States Postal Service is no longer owned by the U.S. government.

And, it should be noted that while you can ship quilts, fabric, notions, etc.
you can no longer mail children using the U.S.P.S.

Really! You haven’t been able to since 1913. Don’t believe me? Check this out!!!

Now, this really begs the question: What kind of an idiot MAILS THEIR CHILD? Or even thinks about it?

Oh my.
Have you ever made a Postage Stamp quilt? If not, then go here to see how easy it is!

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A Milestone Weekend

I did quite a bit of sewing this weekend, and I am now at 75 finished blocks for my Dear Sammy Jane quilt. Yippie! Top left is D-10, Battlefield. I love the color combinations in this block. Top right is D-11, Snow Crystal. Both blocks were paper pieced, but Snow Crystal also has a little applique from applying the diamonds on each of the four sides. One thing about paper piecing I don’t like is removing the paper. Some of my blocks I’ve been removing paper from as I go. Others, like these, still have the paper on them. Yuck.

A few weeks ago, I posted a Give Away. The winner was selected randomly by my assistant Stormie… and Sue (sbonetsue) is the winner. Sue, please send me your snail mail address and I’ll get your treasures in the mail to you!
Right Side 6

Everyone have a great week!

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Ahhh… Everything Comes Around!

There comes a time in every parents life when they look at their children and think to themselves (or perhaps even say to their children)…. “Someday you’ll know just what it’s like.”

Have you ever thought that?

Take, for example, this adorable little boy. You know those little sticky toys that look a lot like a gummy worm? You throw them on the wall and they stick? Well, it seems that little Jacob ATE one tonight while leaving the restaurant. You can get them out of a gumball machine, and what kid doesn’t love gumball machines? Looks like a gummy worm! And it goes right in the mouth and down the throat. Jacob’s dad (my son Sean) calls me and asks for suggestions as to what to do. “Give him LOTS of fiber, lots of water, and it should come out on its own. BUT, you need to make sure, so the worst part of this is LOOKING FOR IT.”

Ahhhh, yes. I remember a little boy about 28 years ago (during the time period before his little brother was born) who found a full pack of ExLax. You know the kind that comes wrapped like it’s a chocolate candy bar? Yes, well, Mommy was very pregnant, and sometimes things need help. Ahem. Little boy comes out of the bathroom with “chocolate” all over his face.

“What do you have all over your mouth?”
“You ate something, now tell Mommy what you ate.”
“I ate your candy bar. Mommy.”
“What candy bar?!?!?”
“The one in the bathroom on the shelf!”

Imagine what our night was like after the candy bar!

Here’s our adorable grandson Jacob again. Looks like he is getting his hair washed, doesn’t it? Actually, this is PRE-hairwashing. Here, Jacob has HAND LOTION in his hair. And then there’s the clown-face boy after enjoying Mommy’s lipstick.

Yes, everything comes ’round. I remember finding Jacob’s father in his crib after a nap at … oh, around 2 years old. He woke up from his nap and decided to take the industrial sized jar of Vaseline off the dresser next to his crib and apply just about ALL of the contents on his lovely brown curls. Try and get THAT out!

Yes, life gives us adorable little boys and girls. And with that comes a lot of “fun.” Enjoy it! They are only little for a short while. Then they get to experience the joy on their own!

<— Jacob's Daddy.
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Gotta Love Hearts!

I love anything with hearts on it. This is a triangle for the border of my Dear Sammy Jane quilt. It’s called RS8 – Love Forever. Since this quilt will be given to my granddaughter Samantha someday, I used a pale pink fabric for the hearts that was used in the slip that went with her christening gown. It seemed fitting for this block! (The triangles scan funny for me… sorry for the photo quality!)
Speaking of hearts, I happened on this website and love the pattern for the hearts block. Check it out!

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