It’s been 20+ years…

Yesterday I packed up my baby and shipped her off to the Minnesota Quilters show for their juried exhibition. Haven’t done this in over 20 years. I found out it costs a whole lot more to enter shows now, and shipping has gone from $4 something to $21.56. YIKES!!!

Floral Star of Bethlehem… not holding my breath, but hoping for a little better than last place!
If you attend the show, could you please take a photo of it hanging for me?

Thanks! (And crossing fingers)

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3 thoughts on “It’s been 20+ years…

  1. Your “baby” is stunning!!! I’m sending high hopes with her!!!Now, I need pictures of that other baby,,,tee hee Your quilting is meticulous!! I wish I had a camera on your wrist so you could give me lessons! thanks for stopping by…


  2. Caron– Good Morning… Eric has a bio-chem exam and then he’s off to Grand Rapids to Speak with your company… say a prayer for him (on both counts!!)….Thanks again for your help…


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