Bathing Beauty Design

“Don’t you think I look gorgeous?”

<–Gotta love the sassy hand flip on this bathing beauty!

Why is it that when we are young, healthy rolls and dimples are acceptable, and fit right into our saucy summer wear. But when we get older… not so much. Why can’t designers come up with some more flattering designs for summer wear (ok, swim wear) for more (ahem) mature frolicking in the sun?

I had a fun evening last night designing “something” for a friend. I explored and pulled out my stash, played with colors and designs and began creating on something to send her way. Lots of fun! No pattern, no plan, just colors, scissors and my trusty old Bernina. Could have stayed there all night if it weren’t for needing sleep!

Have a good day. Try on your bathing suit – they have a way of telling us things we don’t want to hear (but probably should). I’m now at -16 pounds, thanks to Weight Watchers. Another 100 and the suit will look much better.

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