I love this quilt. My mother made it for me when I graduated from the University of Michigan in 1989. I went back to school after my boys were in elementary school, and finished my bachelors that summer. It’s all hand-made, and the cool thing about it is that it’s the first quilt I ever saw my mom make. Actually, I didn’t see her sew it at all; it was a total surprise to me. But the most amazing part of the whole quilt is that my mom was legally blind when she made it. She could see out a little bit with one eye, but the rest was all blurry. She described it as cutting a tiny little one-eighth inch hole in a piece of paper and trying to see through that. Check out the detail in the second picture.

It’s all hand-quilted, and she embroidered the lines inside each fan shape. It’s her own design, and knowing that I always name and date my quilts, she embroidered the name of it and the date on the back side:


Quite a fitting name, wouldn’t you say?

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5 thoughts on “Porcelain

  1. Hi Caron,What a beautiful and priceless quilt!! I am in awe!Thanks for the lovely comment on my plates. No, we don’t have any little ones yet. I honestly don’t know how to deal with leaving things out when they come. Hahaha…No, our house is rather normal in size. I just know how to pack them in. 🙂Thanks so much for sharing that lovely quilt. That’s what I call an HEIRLOOM!


  2. Absolutely incredible! It’s definitely a work of art, and thae fact that her eyesight was so bad makes it truly unbelievable. I hope you have written down that story and store it with the quilt so it will never get lost. This is one that is sure to be treasured by generations to come.


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