Roses and Mother Nature

Sometimes Mother Nature plays tricks on us. Sometimes they are nasty, dangerous tricks, like a flood, tornado, hurricane, and so forth. Other times they are simple little tricks. Here’s one I just don’t understand.

Several years ago, I planted two climbing rose bushes: the two you see here. The first one on my fence at the front of my side yard has always been a beautiful yellowy orange (more of a salmon color). I adored the color!

This one at the back of my yard is climbing the fence underneath the flowering plum tree. This one goes crazy climbing, producing a bounty of beautiful red roses every year.

Ok, do you notice the problem yet? The color you see on your screen is fairly true to their actual color. I’m hoping my rose buddy John will pipe in here and explain why my beautiful YELLOWISH roses are now all like the ones at the back of my yard on my other bush. I’m a little ticked off at Mother Nature right now!

If you know what’s going on, please tell me! I’m off to buy more roses today!

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3 thoughts on “Roses and Mother Nature

  1. This looks like a Dr Huey climber which is a common root stock for grafted roses. and may have happened is the canes of the yellow rose died down and the new canes came up from the root stock.You may want to take a trip down to Great lakes roses in Belleville MI to get a rose on its own root. is possibly the last year they will be open. Great people and they are getting ready to retire.


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