Nothing like a new haircut

I just got my hair cut three weeks ago. Actually, more of a fine trimming. I was trying to grow it out longer. Don’t know what I was thinking! After three weeks of it in its longer style, I gave up. Couldn’t stand it on my neck anymore, and in this Michigan humidity, it would look poofy in the morning, only to be flat as a pancake by 11 AM. No more.

Yesterday I made a lunch appointment to get it cut. Patrice, my stylist, is my son Loren’s age. She’s adorable and SO talented. I took a picture with me of exactly what I wanted. I explained it to her, showed the photo, oohed and ahaaaa’d about the sexy look with the long bangs, higher-in-the-back poof, etc.
<—-Here's the picture I had with me. Pretty darn sexy.

If you’ve ever tried to take your own photo, you know how hard it can be. So excuse the poor photography in the photo below, but I think it shows you enough to get an idea of the hair cut I came home with.

It’s shorter than what I had… I’ll give it that. But I don’t think it looks like the hair style I had in mind. I mean, come on! Where’s the strong chin? Dark, sultry eyes, beautiful complexion? Not to mention that it doesn’t poof in the back! It doesn’t cover my eyes and give me that “come hither look.” I know what it is. I wasn’t posing right. Yeah, that’s it. I need my lips parted, looking ahead and not to the right.

OK, gotta go shower and try the style myself. More poof on top. Different makeup. Younger body. That might do it…

OK… back after shower and my own styling. Still doesn’t quite get it for me. Geesh! Maybe I just need a new head? YEAH, that’s it! Anyone know where I can get one?

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