Dear Jane Progress

I’m gaining on it, but slowly. I managed to get one block stitched last night – E 13, “Moth in a Web” (see below) which felt good. Dean and I went shopping after work, then had dinner at Logan’s Roadhouse. MMMmmmmmm, steak and a sweet potato! An hour of stitching after that and I was ready for bed. I decided I need to do a little stitching every day – that’s my goal. Have you posted YOUR goal yet? If not, go here and post your goal in the comments section.
Don’t forget about the fabric and postcard giveaway on June 21st. That’s this Saturday!

E-13 Moth in a Web

Make your day a GREAT one!

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2 thoughts on “Dear Jane Progress

  1. Hi Caron,Thanks for your encouraging comment. I am making progress, but a bit slow.I have the Bernina 640E. I think if your emphasis is quilting, 640E is more than what you would need. My dealer is running a special from the 19th-23rd where you can go and scratch one of their cards and see what discount you would get on their machines. The discount ranges from 20-40%. You might check if your local Bernina dealer is doing the same thing. job on your new Dear Jane block! 🙂 My hats off to you for persevering. I think I would go insane having to piece that many blocks. Hahaha 🙂


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